Sewer Line Service

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Sewer lines are meant to take a lot of punishment and are meant to last, but over time your sewer line may develop issues such as root intrusion or accumulation of debris, as well as other potential problems. The most common cause of commercial sewer drain blockages is simple buildup, typically from dirt, debris and mineral deposits. If you work in a restaurant, food processing facility or somewhere similar, you’ll also find that fats, oils, grease and other organic matter can build up in pipes and drain lines very quickly.

The best way to stay away from an emergency situation is to prevent it. Performing customized preventive maintenance schedules can help avert problems BEFORE they arise, to help save your business from unnecessary disruption and expense.  Our commercial drain maintenance schedules offer a unique approach to maintaining your facility to the highest standards. Regular sewer maintenance can help reduce unexpected costs that arise through commercial drainage emergencies often caused by a lack of maintenance.

Following is a list of services Rooter Rooter recommends on a bi-annual or annual basis to keep your sewer lines clear:

  • Cabling (snaking) the sewer line – this involves placing a semi-flexible cable with a blade on the end in the sewer line. As the cable is pushed through the line the blade turns to break up or pull back anything clogging the line.
  • Video Camera Inspection – this allows our plumbers to thoroughly inspect your home drain and sewer system. This way we can not only find where problems are, we can also see what clogs are made of.
  • Hydrojetting – our hydrojetting machines force high pressure water through your sewer line to clear clogs due to grease, debris tree roots, etc.

If you would like to set up a preventive maintenance schedule for your business, call us today! . Rooter Rooter’s expert sewer technicians will analyze your situation and recommend a schedule that best matches the needs of your business. Let us help keep your sewer lines flowing and trouble free.