Excavation Service

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While excavation is not something home or business owners want to deal with, it is sometimes the only way to properly repair problems.  When excavation is necessary, Rooter Rooter & Plumbing has a fleet of trucks and equipment ready to be dispatched. Our team of experienced, underground experts have all the tools needed for any excavation project, large or small. We excavate with great care for our customers property and structures.

Our excavation services include digging down to the existing pipe, making necessary connections, and conducting pipe repairs and/or replacements. We also put in outside clean-outs for future ease in accessing the sewer line, and are able to repair or replace water service lines. We handle all aspects of the project with the owner and the city to ensure complete and proper installation and connection that meets building department requirements.

There are various reasons why excavation services may be necessary. Here are a few common reasons why you may need to excavate:

  • Install exterior drain pipe to mitigate soggy lawns from downspouts that drain too close to the house.
  • Repair negative yard grading
  • Repair problems with water main or sprinkler system.
  • Install a sump pump with piping to the street.
  • Replace or repair sewer, water or sprinkler lines.

There are many different parts of an excavation process. Because many plumbing parts are underground, when excavation services are performed, one of the most common mistakes is damage to these underground areas. Similarly, not planning before digging could lead to damage to your commercial properties landscaping. At Rooter Rooter our technicians have the expertise and experience to perform the necessary services without causing damage to any other part of your business or commercial property. We pride ourselves on offering expert excavation services that are both safe and efficient. No matter what the reasoning for the excavation is, you can trust in our technicians to do the job right.

If you have a plumbing issue that would require excavation, give us a call today! We’ll be happy to discuss your concerns with you and provide you with a free estimate. We look forward to assisting you with your next excavation project!