Faucets & Sinks

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That leaking faucet that seems harmless now can end up wasting hundreds of gallons of water per year if left untreated. Rooter Rooter is your faucet, fixture, and sink installation and repair expert.  Our highly trained technicians will work together with you to determine the cause of any leaks and advise on the best way to resolve it.

Our customers are often surprised to learn that there’s a myriad of reasons behind their leaking faucet. From worn O-rings to improperly installed washers, your faucet leak stems from a variety of sources. Some of the more common reasons your faucet is leaking can include high water pressure, hard water, thermal expansion, or improperly installed washers.

  • High water pressure: Faucets are designed in such a way that they stop the pressurized water that flows into your plumbing until you turn or lift the knob on your faucet. If there is too much water pressure in your home, this can force the water out past the various controls, most of which may be designed for a much lower pressure.
  • Hard water: When your water supply has a high concentration of hard mineral particles, you will notice limescale buildup that leads to more problems with your fixtures. This buildup can force components like O-rings, valve seats, and seals out of place, which can lead to leaks.
  • Thermal expansion: Water expands when it reaches a point just above freezing. This can affect the more pliable components of your faucet that can result in leaking.
  • Improper washer installation: Washers are designed to keep excess water at bay, but an improperly installed washer or one that doesn’t fit right can allow small amounts of water to escape.

If you are experiencing these or other problems, call Rooter Rooter today! We will provide an accurate diagnosis of the issue and determine the best solution to get your faucets and sinks back in tip top shape.