Showers & Tubs

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Bathrooms contain most of the plumbing components in our homes.  So much can go wrong, and usually when we least expect it. Some minor problems can be an easy DIY fix.  However, if you find yourself facing some larger issues, then hiring a plumber can often save you time and money. At Rooter Rooter we have all the tools needed for any type of bathroom installation and repair, and can save you the time and frustration of having to go back and forth to your home improvement store for parts.

If you notice the following problems, it may be time to call Rooter Rooter for service:

  • Leaking water on floors or around fixtures
  • Water that fails to flow as freely as it should
  • Inconsistent cold/hot water ratio
  • Hissing sounds coming from the shower fixture
  • water pressure fixes
  • leaking pipe, fixtures or shower valves
  • need plumbing pipes or drains moved
  • replacing shower and tub faucets

Some of the items listed above may indicate your shower valve needs to be replaced. Your shower valve is another component of your plumbing system that is essential to comfort, yet prone to the same issues that cause leaky faucets.

Replacing a shower valve is not something to attempt on your own. The shower valve is located inside the wall behind the shower handle. Rooter Rooter will carefully open the wall to access the shower valve so they can evaluate the area and advise you of the best possible solution. Whatever tub and shower challenge you encounter,   Rooter Rooter is the company to call.

Our highly trained professional technicians will respond promptly to your call and we will work with you to address your specific problem explain your options to you. Our goal is to get your plumbing system back to providing uninterrupted water flow to your showers and tubs. Call us today for a free estimate!