Slab Leaks

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Concrete slabs in your home’s foundation can leak and result in significant water damage, as well as high water bills. If you are currently experiencing a slab leak in your home, contact Rooter Rooter for immediate service. We are your local slab leak repair team available 24/7 to help with emergency situations. Call us now for slab leak detection, repair, and tips on how to maintain your plumbing to avoid the problem in the future.

A number of conditions can lead to a slab leak, including corroded pipes under the slab, a shift in the soil can put excessive pressure on the pipes and concrete, causing cracking that leads to leaks,

poor installation can cause stress on pipes, failure in pipes due to changes in water quality, or material that have weakened over time. Here are some common signs it’s time to call your plumber for help:

  • Moisture or mold growth
  • Hot spots on the floor
  • High water bills
  • Water meter movement even if there is no water use
  • Sound of running water between the walls
  • Soggy areas, or saturated soil in certain areas of your yard

Detecting hot and cold water slab leaks requires different methods. Hot water leaks are easier to detect, due to the higher temperatures that can be felt. Cold water leaks can occur at any point along the plumbing system and often require more advanced detection equipment to locate the exact source of the leak. If you notice these or other problems, contact our experienced slab leak repair plumbers to locate the source of the leak and discuss options for repair.

Our slab leak repair solutions are accomplished using safe, proven techniques that minimize damage to your property. We have the latest in foundation leak detection technology and carry all of the necessary equipment to complete a successful slab leak repair.

Don’t wait for a slab leak to get worse. Tackle the problem now with help from your highly skilled plumbers at Rooter Rooter. Call today and ask for your free estimate.