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We understand the stress associated with a clogged or leaking toilet. Let Rooter Rooter help you get your bathroom back to normal. We are your toilet repair and installation team focused on solving your particular problem as efficiently as possible.

Do you notice water leaking from the toilet? Leaks not only damage your flooring and surrounding area, but can also cause a spike in your water bill. A professional diagnosis is in order to get to the source of the problem. Leaks often occur around rubber seals designed to prevent water from escaping. A faulty shutoff valve can also cause leaks from the pipe connection and may need to be replaced. If foul smelling or discolored water is collecting on the floor, this may indicate a problem with the waste line, such as stoppage.

A clogged toilet is another frustrating problem. The most common culprit of a clogged toilet is excessive amounts of toilet paper, as well as difficult to degrade materials that get flushed. Avoid flushing materials such as baby wipes, paper towels, and diapers as these all contribute to clogging. To solve your clogged toilet problem, we will use drain snakes or augers to open up the drain. This helps to break the clog up and allow it to easily flush away.

If it is time to trade your current toilet in for a newer model, certain features may be worthwhile to consider. Flushing performance is the most important factor in choosing a new toilet. A flush that minimizes water use while maximizing effectiveness is best. A flush should clear the bowl of waste but not require repeated flushing to do so. Other high-efficiency features include pressure or gravity-assist models and dual-flush mechanisms. If you need help choosing the right toilet, our professional technicians will discuss your options with you. We can recommend the best unit to fit your home’s needs as well as your budget.