Water Re-circulation Pumps

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Each year, thousands of gallons of wasted water go down the drain in American homes, and with them, thousands of dollars for homeowners, utility companies, and taxpayers.   A significant amount of this waste occurs when homeowners wait for their water to reach a comfortable temperature before they shower or wash their hands.

Why should you have to wait for hot water? In a traditional hot water system, water runs from the water heater to each faucet in the home but ends at the farthest faucet, leaving some water in the pipes to cool. When a homeowner turns on a faucet, the cooled water sitting in the pipes circulates to the faucet first, so the homeowner has to wait for hot water.

There’s a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate the wait and help conserve water. By installing a water recirculation pump in your home can supply you instant hot water at the faucet. A hot water circulation pump sends cool water in the pipes back to the water heater through a return line. A pump circulates this water through the water heater as needed to keep it hot. This continuous loop of water through the water heater ensures that hot water is always available.

Installing a recirculation pump improves efficiency by saving the average family of four up to 17,000 gallons of water a year (great for the environment, your water bill, and your sewage bill) and reduces the energy used by the water heater.  Instead of wasting water down the drain waiting for hot water, it’s already there! This result in saving water, lowers energy costs, and provides the convenience of having hot water instantly.

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