Water Systems

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Hard water is common in many parts of the country, and especially in California’s Central Valley.   Hardness is caused by compounds of calcium and magnesium, and by a variety of other metals.  According to a United States Geological Survey, water in this area contains anywhere from 121 to 180 mg/L (milligrams per liter) of these compounds, causing scale to form.

Scale sticks to the interior of pipes, household appliances and other surfaces throughout the home. Once this scale becomes attached to something it’s very difficult to remove it. This is what leads to clogs and other problems within the pipes and appliances. The problem is when the calcium and magnesium makes their way out of the water they can cause havoc for all sorts of appliances through which the water passes. They also stick to basins, tubs and tiles in the bathroom and to pots, pans, glasses and dishware in the kitchen. Once the scale deposits itself on a surface, getting it off can be a challenge. Left alone the mineral deposits make the kitchen and the bathroom look dirty and dingy. It causes appliances to run less efficiently and use more energy which can result in increased water and utility bills. In addition to the effect hard water has on plumbing, it causes people to use more soap and detergents for showering and washing, dirty clothes even after a good wash and dry skin and hair.

A water softener and filtration system can help remove these impurities from your water and help reduce the use of soap and detergents and leave you with cleaner clothes, softer skin and hair. Most importantly though, is it can help extend the life of your appliances and plumbing and reduce energy costs.

If you’re ready to consider a water softener and filtration system, call Rooter Rooter today. Our highly skilled technicians can help by evaluating your needs and help you choose the best solution to your hard water woes. We are available anytime and our estimates are always free!